4 tips to choose the right safe

Every family has certain valuable items that they want to protect. It could be jewelry, heirloom items, will, property documents, etc. Factors that are out of our control can suddenly leave us with loss of any or all valuable possessions. A theft or a fire are two such prominent factors. This makes having a safe crucial to the well-being of the family so that all the valuable belongings can be stored safely 24×7.

There are however, hundreds of options in the market when you go out to purchase a safe. It is not just about the shape and size but what kind of technology it uses, what materials it is made of, the locking mechanism, whether it is a hidden safe or a prominent one, etc. All these and many such questions baffle the first time buyers hence, there are certain factors which should be considered before you decide on a safe for your home or office. These tips will help you choose the right safe.

Understand the use


If you wish to store cash in the safe or gold and other jewelry items, then it is prudent to have a large safe. Generally, the house safe is medium sized to cater to the needs however, you need to decide what items you want to put in the safe in advance so that it does not fall short of your requirements as the years progress.

If you intend to keep things inside boxes and then transfer them into the safe, then obviously you would require a fairly large safe however if the safe you want needs to be hidden from the curious eye, then the size becomes limited. Hence it is crucial to get the capacity right in the first go.

The budget you have

The prices of a safe can vary between hundreds of dollars and thousands of dollars irrespective of the size or make. Generally, the more exquisite or custom features you add, the more price you will have to pay for the unit. Deciding the features that are strictly necessary and what features can be avoided before you make the purchase will help you get the right price for the safe.

There are also refurbished safes available in the market that have the same exquisite features, but the prices are much lower. If you can compromise on the age of the safe, then you might get good deals on exceptional safes.

The kind of protection you want from the safe

When we think about a safe then the only thing that comes to our mind is theft or burglary. However, safes protect our valuable belongings from much more than theft. In case of fires or flood safe keep our stuff secure and away from any kind of harm.

Most of the safes however are not resistant to fires and water damage. If you wish to protect your valuables from fire or water, then you will need specialized safe for that. In case you are going to store a lot of cash in the safe or it will house a lot of documents then it is necessary to go for such protections.

The cash rating

This signifies how much burglar proof your safe is. It is a measure for the amount of protection your safe offers. Needless to say, you should opt for a safe that has high cash rating. A safe with strong doors and walls is essential. Also check the base and the top of the safe to be extra sure of its durability. An intricate locking mechanism is the foremost requirement for a safe. The difficulty of cracking the safe should be next to impossible.

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