Awards and Achievements of Health Carousel

Health Carousel, based in Cincinnati, Ohio, has provided healthcare staffing for 18 years. Health Carousel serves medical practitioners in 50 U.S. states. Health Carousel stands out in the fast-increasing healthcare area for its staffing services and devotion to charity and community projects.

Health Carousel partners with both high-profile, well-funded hospitals and small-town clinics with the same high-standard employment standards. Health Carousel welcomes carefully-vetted individuals for contract, permanent, temporary-to-permanent, full-time, and part-time medical staffing positions.

Working in Small Communities

Health Carousel is not only looking to serve the larger medical facilities. It has established itself as a business entity with a special place in its heart for small communities that may be overlooked by other organizations. Throughout the year, Health Carousel engages in charitable giving and donations. Not only does this help to serve smaller communities, but it also broadens Health Carousel’s reach by establishing and building relationships with small clinics that may not have yet heard of the services that Health Carousel provides.

Partnerships With Worthy Causes

Health Carousel works with big and small communities around the U.S. The agency examines its activities annually to ensure it is supporting excellent causes that match its objectives. Among others, partnerships include:

  • Daisy Foundation Recognition and Scholarship Programs
  • American Heart Association
  • Feeding America Donations
  • Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
  • American Red Cross Blood Donations
  • Leukemia and Lymphoma Society “Light the Night”

Light the Way Initiative Makes Headway

Health Carousel’s own Light the Way has gained momentum. This Florence Nightingale-named program represents Health Carousel’s objective to provide advanced nursing degrees to students worldwide. This campaign aims to inspire nurses to get graduate and postgraduate degrees by empowering nursing educators. Health Carousel hopes newly-trained nursing educators will use their advanced degrees to teach future nursing generations. In this way, the global nursing shortage can be remedied by empowering future generations to earn their nursing certifications and degrees. Health Carousel’s Light the Way effort is operating in the U.S. and other nations that have demonstrated a need. Health Carousel hopes to improve patient care through these and other initiatives. Because of their efforts, fewer medical facilities will have nurse staffing shortages. Health Carousel’s dogged determination has not gone unnoticed.

Pursuant to Health Carousel’s fine work in staffing medical professionals, it has been awarded a variety of times, including:

  • Pillar Award for Community Service (Medical Mutual)
  • Ernst & Young 2018 Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Daisy Award (from Daisy Foundation)
  • Best Place to Work in Dayton, OH (multiple years)
  • Top 25 Healthiest Employers in Dayton, OH
  • Best Place to Work in Cincinnati, OH (multiple years)
  • Health Care Heroes Award

Health Carousel is making progress by ensuring big and small medical institutions have competent workers. Their reputation is built on ensuring no clinic, hospital, or another medical institution is understaffed. Health Carousel has established itself as a healthcare leader and a benefit to the healthcare community in the U.S. and abroad.

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