Back to School – September Planning

The end of August doesn’t just bring the end of summer. It also means the end of the summer holidays and the return to school. This is something it’s worth planning for, in all sorts of different ways. Today we’re taking a look at some of the plans it’s worth thinking about as soon as possible.

Uniform Shopping

It’s likely a stressful (and expensive) day in the shops, but a new term probably means new uniform – trousers or skirts, shoes, jumpers, jackets or blazers. Even if your children don’t go to a school with a uniform it’s worth doing a quick wardrobe audit and making sure they have sufficient fitting clothes that meet the school’s policies.

This can be a difficult day for parents and children, and while ‘making it fun’ is probably not a realistic aspiration, building in a treat at the end for both parties is probably a good idea, whether that’s taking your kids out for lunch or to see a movie, or a playdate with friends to let them burn off some of the energy they’ve accumulated waiting for siblings to try on trousers.

The Last Days of Summer

The approaching end of the summer holidays can be a sad time for your kids (even it it can be a relief for parents who’ve been struggling for childcare provision over the summer), and it’s worth marking. Plan some special days as a way to lay down memories you can treasure as a family for years to come, before the demands of work and school – as well as the worse weather and shorter days  of the autumn and winter. A day trip to explore a new town or a walk in the countryside is a great way to make the most of the last days of summer. If you want to add an extra something to the day, then a scavenger hunt or trail is a great idea – parents and kids can work on solving the clues together and have a shared experience. It’s also a good way to make the familiar new and exciting again. A London scavenger hunt makes you look at the city in a whole new way.

Highlights Ahead

Some kids can feel nervous about heading back to school after the summer, especially if they’ll have new classmates and teachers to get used to. We’re all familiar with that anxious Sunday night feeling of knowing the weekend is nearly over.

Try to make plans so children feeling anxious about school have something to look forward to, like a trip to the cinema to see a film they’re excited about, a visit from friends or family or a trip somewhere. It doesn’t have to be a big, expensive outing, just something positive to share the horizon with the return to school.

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