Check list for a peaceful move

Moving to your new home may prove to be overwhelming. Amidst all the excitement, you need to keep a track of too many things. Overlooking something would add to your woes on the big day. In the end, you might find the budget escalating beyond your estimations.

The established residential movers recommend their clients to plan beforehand and prepare a checklist. This helps households to keep a track of all the essential elements. After all, a checklist proves valuable for planning your relocation. In this post, you will get a comprehensive guide that would complement a peaceful move.

How to plan a seamless move step by step?

We have presented a time-oriented checklist, that would help you plan your move.

Checklist 8 weeks before moving out

  • Contact one of the reputed residential movers in your city and schedule the date. The professionals would guide you over packaging and other relevant aspects.
  • Prepare your inventory list, discarding items that you won’t be carrying with you. Donate belongings that might eventually go wasted.
  • Start packing with the attics, sheds, and basements. These are the corners of your home that are likely to take maximum time to sort and clean up.
  • Your property or accessories might require some repair, cleanup, inspection, or replacements. It’s recommended to start these activities early.
  • Well, you might take a photo of your residence before the farewell. So, this is the best time, as you would have most of your things in place.

Checklist 6 weeks before moving out

  • Sell out things that are actually discarded. This might fetch you some bucks to manage your costs.
  • In case you are planning to sell off your garage, this would be the ideal time for it.
  • Get your medical and school records photocopied. It’s always a good idea to have an additional copy to combat issues like losses during the relocation.
  • Label the computer cables, video, and audio jacks. If necessary, take pictures, so that you can reassemble them without any glitch.
  • Organize the packing process room by room, prioritizing things that you use less often.

Checklist 4 weeks before moving out

  • Before relocating to your new place, you need to register the change of address with the concerned authorities. This would be the right time to complete all these formalities.
  • In case you have pets or plants, you would probably want to make the necessary arrangements for them.
  • Reach out to the insurance companies and utility providers, once you have finalized the moving date with the residential movers.
  • Remember to collect objects that you might have lent to your extended family members or acquaintances

Checklist 2 weeks before moving out

 Keep all the documents that you would be carrying with you during the travel close by. Do not pack them into the boxes, as you might need to furnish identity proof or other documents. These include:

  • Medical records
  • School records
  • Marriage licenses
  • Birth certificates
  • Veterinary records
  • Insurance papers

Checklist 1 week before moving out

  • Set aside items you would be carrying, such as car keys, mobile chargers, and handsets, travel toiletries and clothes, medicines, etc.
  • Remember to pack toilet paper, soap, light bulbs, and a first aid box.
  • Before moving out, wipe down, sweep, clean and mop the present home, as per the requirements.
  • Remember to defrost your refrigerator after emptying it.

What to do on the moving day?

 Make sure to leave the keys and door openers for the garage to the next owner. Arrange for someone who would be coordinating with the residential movers.

While some points in this checklist might not be relevant to you, others would help you plan a peaceful move-out. Collaborating with the best moving company in your city will streamline your experience.

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