Does Your Child Need To Be Covered By Health Insurance?

Ill health is something that we all often make the mistake of associating only with age. Childhood is associated with health and energy and hardly with disease. Many parents thus make the mistake of skipping out on even considering their children for health insurance coverage.

That can prove to be a huge mistake!

Children too can fall ill due to numerous reasons. From dengue fever to malaria and more, there are so many diseases that can affect anyone irrespective of their age. Moreover, children are still developing and their immune systems are not yet at full strength. So, why should your children stay without adequate coverage. Remember that if your child gets hospitalised, you can incur a really heavy medical bill.

How to get health insurance for children?

The best way to get coverage for your child is by including him/her in a family floater health insurance plan. Family health insurance plans generally cover children only after 90 days from birth. Then, they enjoy continued coverage under their parents’ family floater plan until they reach the age limit set by the insurer for dependent children (usually around 25 years).

If your child is covered in the family floater health insurance plan, they too get access to the cover limit just like other members under the plan. You, as a parent, enjoy the benefit of paying a single premium to cover all your loved ones.

As part of a family floater plan, your child will be covered for:

  • Hospitalisation expenses
  • Pre-and post-hospitalisation treatment
  • Day care procedures
  • Vaccination and health check-ups

And a whole lot more!

Do remember that the exact extent of coverage can vary between insurance companies.

Alternatively, you can also buy your child their very own individual health insurance plan. owing to their young age, the premiums will be quite low and affordable. Individual health insurance plans too offer a range of benefits like hospitalisation expenses, pre- and post-hospitalisation coverage, ambulance charges, AYUSH, and much more.

With these two options at hand, it makes sense to go ahead and bring your child under the protection of health insurance. Remember that children are often quite vulnerable to diseases as they play around all day. They are also quite susceptible to accidents too. And, if something goes wrong, you want your child to have access to the best in healthcare.

A few tips to keep in mind when buying health insurance

Whether you are buying health insurance for your child or any other family member, here are a few tips that can prove handy:

  • Review the policy fine print and get any queries resolved by the insurer
  • Compare premiums to choose the most affordable plan
  • Read reviews of the insurance company online

We hope that this article has proven to be a good and helpful read for you today. Do remember to bring your entire family under the protection of health insurance for peace of mind.

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