How to easily organize an Easter egg hunt party at home

As any kid would say, egg hunts are the best part of Easter. The egg hunt dates back to the 18th century. The children’s activities combined with religious holiday celebrations. Today, Easter celebrations are unimaginable without an egg hunt party at home.

Whether you plan to have a big Easter brunch or simple children’s activities, it is easy to host an egg hunt party at home. There are colorful eggs, outdoor activities, light-hearted competitions, and best of all, gifts. While you must be aware of the modern egg hunts, different versions of this ritual have been around for centuries. 

This year, host an Easter egg hunt at your own house carefree. Just follow the steps below and pull off a great Easter egg hunt party at home. 

Set the Day for your Egg Hunt

Of course, it is a tradition to have the egg hunt on Easter Sunday. However, it is not mandatory. All egg hunts cannot happen on the same day. Thus, a perfect time frame would be Easter Weekend. If you plan to host outdoors, have an alternate location or date ready in case of bad weather. 

Get the Eggs 

The eggs are definitely the most important thing on an Easter egg hunt. Although some people prefer real eggs, it is often safe to hide plastic eggs. Get lots of eggs either real or plastic, and fill them with candies to make it a little sweeter for the kids. You can even have some LEGO inside different plastic eggs and get the kids to assemble them at the end. If you choose to hide real eggs, boil and color them at least a week before. Do not stress out to get those ready at the last moment. 

Hide the Easter Eggs 

Before you hide the eggs, count them. Sometimes, even the organizers forget about those smart hiding places. This is when counting the eggs comes to help. Hide the eggs in locations that make sense for the age groups you invited. You should put some eggs in more obvious places for the little ones. Have others hidden in more searching spots for older participants. 

Ready, Set, Hunt

Once all the invitees are there, it is then time to start the hunt. If you invite kids of different ages, make the kids start in rounds by age range. Let the littlest hunters go first. Once they start, allow them a minute or two before giving the older age groups the go-ahead to join. 

Have Easter Baskets and Buckets Ready

You could ask people to bring their own basket. Nevertheless, play it safe and have egg-collecting gear for all your attendees. Arrange at least one vessel for goodies per guest. You can offer tote bags or have fun making homemade Easter baskets. 

Hang Easter Decorations

You are hosting an Easter egg hunt. Thus, your house should have enough decorations so that your guests know what they are coming for. Hang some pastel balloons outside your house. Set out props related to the hunt so that it becomes more exciting for the children. 

Get the Word Out

Of course, you need to get the word out to have people coming in for the Easter egg hunt at your home. While you decorate for the egg hunt, put out some posters to let people know about your party. If you want to invite wider neighborhoods, give out flyers with a little insight into the egg hunt happening at your home. 

You might be worrying about how to design these posters and flyers for your egg hunt. Don’t be anxious, we have you covered. Use Easter poster templates from PosterMyWall and design your posters with ease. You can also design attractive event flyers using PosterMyWall and have a crowd coming to your place. 

Don’t Stop the Fun!

The fun does not need to stop when the last egg has been found. There are creative Easter games and activities for kids to keep the fun going. 

Easter egg bowling

Set up Easter bowling to extend the fun for the kids. All you need are some decorated eggs with one white egg and you are all set to play Easter egg bowling. Once the egg hunt ends, gather all the kids to have some more fun with Easter egg bowling. 

Easter Bunny Toss

Get the children ready for lots of extra fun with the bunny toss game. Set up buckets and let the kids throw the pom-pom bunnies into them. Keep track of scores – the one who leads the points table wins. 

Wrapping it up

It is easier to communicate traditions and religion to kids when you make it enjoyable for them. And you can do it easily with lots of fun included. All you need to do is follow the guide above and give some extra detective work to the kids. This year, plan a perfect Easter egg hunt and have memorable Easter celebrations at your home. 

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