How To Properly Market Your Virtual Career Fair

The main aim of hosting a virtual career fair is to connect with the job candidates more. Like organizing a party, nobody will visit you unless you send invitations. It would help if you had a solid promotion plan to pull candidates to the career fair when career fairs are concerned.

A virtual career fair will only be successful when attended by high-quality candidates, and you can achieve this by marketing well. Time is more precious than ever, and you should indulge only in things that will bring positive results.

Promoters must promote their career fairs to have an event success, and below, we discuss marketing a virtual career fair.

  1. Search Advertising

Most candidates are likely to type in specific keywords during the job search process, and research has stated that people spend around twenty seconds on a search page and, in most instances, miss what they were looking for.

Appearing at the top of the search page is essential to your career fair marketing strategies. It puts information regarding your virtual job in front of individuals seeking the chance. The search advertising option depends on a Pay Per Click model that is effective for many reasons. First, payment occurs when someone clicks your ad, showing the individual is desperately seeking a job, and you can also control your budget precisely.

  • Sourcing

Sourcing via phone calls is a standard marketing channel, and you can easily add it to your career fair promotion strategies. Phone interactions have the following benefits;

  • A great way to create a connection with the applicants and introduce them to your employer’s brand
  • Provides an opportunity to promote virtual jobs while gathering client feedback. Knowing what candidates are looking for in your event and what they think about your company is also possible.
  • This is a great way to reach candidates since most rivals do not use these marketing channels.
  • Social Media

Social media seems like a simple marketing strategy for your virtual career fair, but most organizations overlook its importance. Promoting your career fairs on different social networks and ensuring you have an active following is advisable.

Customize the message to every social media site, which means you should use the correct hashtags and images based on the best practices. Sites like Facebook and LinkedIn have a more extensive text room, and you should use them to your advantage.

  • Email

Emails have been used in marketing for a long time and are very effective. It will help to make simple invitations to job applicants and begin by creating a simple and complete email campaign, depending on your availability and the number of people you want to reach.

Messages do not stick well with most people the first time, meaning you should not be ashamed of sending multiple texts. Concerning who should get email invitations, make emails from your candidate profile database and ensure they match the highlighted positions.

Also, ensure all messages are mobile-friendly and harassment-free to avoid legal issues.

  • Messages

Texting is another common marketing strategy you should incorporate into your career fair marketing but is often overlooked. Before sending texts off, spend time designing a text hiring strategy to ensure they meet the best practices. Regarding email promotion, it is advisable to segment individuals in your database and use your brand voice to send personalized messages.

Text messages have a few recommendations, and you should ensure you text at the right time of the day. It will also help to use link shorteners because you have less text space to share your message.

  • Recruiting Chatbot

Kindly allow your recruiting chatbot to spread the message for the best results. This chatbot shares information on upcoming career fairs when talking to candidates before or after application, making them an essential strategy.

As other communication channels stated above, ensure the chatbot uses your brand voice and appealing verbiage to your applicants. Also, avoid overlooking your career site. The career site is one of the most trafficked places in the digital system and has plenty of eyes you can attract.

Advertising your vacancies on a career site is beneficial because most candidates are met with “apply now” when visiting your website. Research has also shown you will enhance conversions by 30% using your careers site.

  • Programmatic Advertising

It is advisable to invest in programmatic advertising if you want your promotion to reach more people. Programmatic advertising was traditionally used to promote website jobs. However, this does not suggest you must become a pro in paid advertising since most vendors specializing in this advertising will help manage your investment, maximize ROI and optimize campaigns, and enable more candidates to attend your career fair at cheap rates.

  • Focus on Relationships

Utilizing a multichannel promotion strategy to pull candidates to the virtual career spreads information further, enabling you to make further relationships with candidates. You can rest on the career day after investing energy and time in an efficient promotion strategy. This, in turn, enables you to focus on the type of communication you will hold with the individuals. The created strategy can also be repeated and recycled in future career fairs, and you will have the results of the previous events.

  • Display Advertising

Display advertisements are also called banner ads; they let you access passive applicants, not only those looking for a role effectively. These two types of online ads ley you to;

  • Create employer brand awareness
  • Attract top talents cost-efficiently
  • Track engaging potential candidates.

The main result of using display advertising is candidates will attend your event at cheaper costs. Also, ensure you use easy-to-see images when designing creatives. Skewed, blurry, and washed images will not yield the best results.

Final Thoughts

Virtual career fairs have become popular, especially after the recent Covid-19 pandemic. Proper marketing goes a long way in ensuring you reach the best talents, and the above article has discussed the best tips you should incorporate in the marketing strategy.

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