How To Serve Red Wine Correctly

Wine can provide a fantastic addition to any meal, especially given the various types that are available while you should also be aware that food and wine can be paired together to create a fantastic meal for your guests. However, you should also be aware that wine should be served in a particular way, depending on whether you want to serve red or white wine. It is also important to understand that wine is a peculiar type of beverage while serving it in a particular type of glass can enhance its taste. Indeed, by understanding the basics of how to serve a particular type of wine, as well as how to choose the right type of glass, you can ensure that any type of wine you choose to serve will taste the best it can, as well as provide your guests with a fantastic experience and different flavour combinations.

Choose the correct glass for the wine

One of the most important considerations that you should make before serving wine to your guests, regardless of whether you are holding a dinner party, or if you operate a commercial hospitality business is to choose the right type of glass for the wine. A bottle of red wine should always be opened prior to serving in order to allow the wine to oxidise which will enhance its flavour. Furthermore, you should also be aware that red wine glasses should be used to serve a particular type of wine while these glasses are more rounded and generally shorter than white wine glasses.

Let the wine breathe

In addition, you should also be aware that red wine should be allowed to stand for a period of time prior to serving, if at all possible, as the oxidisation process can enhance the overall flavour of the wine. Furthermore, you should be aware that white wine does not require opening prior to serving while it should be chilled to provide a clean, crisp taste. However, it is important to understand that red wine should not be chilled as it should be allowed to breathe so that the oxidisation process can enhance the aromatics as well as the taste of the wine. This is not essential for white wine as it is generally served chilled and does not require oxidisation to create a fantastic taste.

Understand your wine

By taking the time to understand the intricacies of different types of wine as well as the appropriate food pairings that go with particular grapes, you can provide your guests with a high-quality experience and wonderful flavours. If you have purchased a particular type of wine, then you should take your time to understand the various food pairings which will enhance the taste of both the wine and the food.

Create a fantastic experience

By following these simple tips, you can understand how to serve red and white wine in the correct way while you can also understand that certain types of wine should be paired with particular types of food. For example, red wine should be served with red meat while white wine is a good accompaniment for fish or creamy pasta dishes.

Therefore, in conclusion, by taking the time to understand which type of wine you want to serve, you can ensure your guests enjoy fantastic food and wine pairings which can create a fantastic experience.






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