Intranet Features to Look for and Microsoft Access Online Alternative Examples

Microsoft Access is a versatile tool that helps to create an array of software that works with relevant workflows, databases, and forms. Access database can be shared with the help of HyperOffice collaborating solutions like SharePoint alternative, MS Access alternative, online database solutions, intranet software solution, extranet software solution, and more. It is an SQL database server, where you can host your Access database file including the links to tables, forms, reports, queries, etc.

Choose features from the following and customize your intranet needs.


The majority of intranets are digital hubs, where the project participants work towards a common goal or access data necessary to complete their tasks. Look at the following features –

  • Online document management – It is a zone, where business documents are stored, shared, and worked together. It includes presentations, brochures, specifications, spreadsheets, etc.
  • Online project management – Team projects are coordinated. It includes task creation and assignment; obtain visual overviews on Gantt charts, set dependencies, etc.
  • Shared calendar – The team can coordinate schedules, highlight crucial events, and set meetings.
  • Contact management – It is a core spot, where crucial internal as well as external corporate contacts are managed.
  • Workspaces – This feature allows creating separate digital spaces for every department or team to collaborate and focus on fulfilling their goal without distraction.

Corporate communication

Besides productivity, businesses need to share data with their partners, workforce, and. It serves the purposes like motivation, recognizes performers, conveys company culture, etc. Features to look out for are –

  • Customizable landing page – Here the company can highlight crucial upcoming events, recognize an employee of the month, display CEO message, and more.
  • News – Important industry and company news are displayed to keep employees stay updated and engaged.
  • Blogs – Employees can share expertise and viewpoints via publishing content on the blog.

Team communication

Today, the team is scattered across the globe and there is a need to have them interact with one another.

Intranets offer the best communication tools, which you need to include –

  • Video and audio conferencing
  • Personal and group chats
  • Mobile messaging

Access to business apps

Many businesses have exclusive processes, which are specially designed and installed on their digital hub. Intranets allow the workforce to gain access to these business apps.

  • Online database apps and web forms – Lay users can quickly create simple apps to resolve exceptional business processes. These apps can be accessed readily from the intranet.

Online MS Access alternative offers web developers a chance to build software on demand.

Below are some examples of the database software you can create with Access.

  • CRM – It is common enterprise software designed for the sales team to manage inventory, capture contact details, monitor sales, create sales reports, etc.
  • Inventory management system – The tool helps to keep track of the goods across the entire supply chain right from purchase to manufacture to closing sales. It controls your inventory management approach for the business.
  • Project management – It is a system that contains tasks and subtasks including categories like descriptions, dates, assignees’ current status, and more.
  • Patient records – Doctors need a program to handle and store their patient’s data. It includes profile, history, and medical viewpoints. An automated system has helped to manage plenty of details suitable to fulfill the regulatory needs with ease.

Microsoft Access online alternative has the potential to connect databases, create forms, and automate workflows without the need for advanced IT skills.

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