Maintaining your oil-fired boiler

Heating oil is one of the most efficient fuels available today, both in terms of energy release and pollution control. The boilers that burn oil for home heating are highly efficient with the latest models, reaching the ratings of 85% and above. Although oil fired boilers are extremely reliable and keep running for several years, they too require the occasional repair and maintenance. The most important thing to note, for keeping the boiler in top shape, is never letting it run out of fuel. The second most important thing is calling in the yearly maintenance squad before winter unleashes its chills and lastly, regular cleaning and tuning will keep your boiler working in top condition for years to come.

Best way to maintain boilers burning oil for home heating

Your oil based boiler does not demand much and there is only one cardinal rule you must follow – never let it run out of fuel. You will need an automatic fuel delivery plan from your local supplier if you are using oil for home heating. It is a simple mechanism in which your local supplier will keep monitoring your oil consumption and before it runs out, they would provide you with a refill. In case you do not subscribe to an oil delivery plan, you are bound to run out of fuel one fateful day and when that happens, it would be an extremely tedious experience. If your burner ever runs out of fuel, the line will be filled with sludge and air making it inoperable. The effort needed to get that fixed is as high as the cost of the entire exercise. So, it is recommended that if you are using oil for heating your house, keep a check on the fuel levels and use a reliable supplier of heating oil to keep your stock and fuel chamber of the boiler filled.

If at all the burner in the boiler is not working, you may check the following before calling in the maintenance guys:

  • The filter or the ductwork has clogged. This is a common occurrence and all you need to do is replace the filter. Once you replace it, the burner will start working again
  • The other thing is to check the thermostat. Sometimes kids play around the house and tuning any knob they can find in the process hence your thermostat might be set to a temperature too low for the boiler to start.
  • Lastly but most importantly, check the fuel level of the boiler. If that is okay, then the only other option you have is to check the circuit breaker and make sure it isn’t tripped.

Boilers using oil for home heating need tune-ups

If you care for your house heating system, chances are you have already set-up automated deliveries of heating oil. The next step is to coordinate those fuel deliveries with tune-ups and regular checks so that you do not miss out getting your boiler cleaned or adjusting the burner so that the boiler is functioning at highest efficiency. As your boiler becomes older every year, chances are that the fuel passage is clogged due to minor impurities in the fuel itself. Hence you should get the entire system checked – once before the winter and once after it. Before the winter so that you get the best performance for the entire season and after the winter so that the boiler gets a proper treatment after working hard for several months at a stretch.

As a homeowner, using oil for home heating is a smart decision and the boilers and allied heating system will never fail you if you take proper care and keep up with the regular maintenance schedule.

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