Questions to ask before opting for tree removal

While trees look visually appealing, sometimes you have no choice but to get rid of one on your property. This could be due to a potential hazard the tree poses, or any inconveniences due to its position.  Either way, you need to make an informed decision on whether you need a tree removal. Often, simpler alternatives such as trimming a tree work fine too.

Things to consider before you decide to fell a tree

Before you undertake a tree removal, you need to take certain factors into consideration to decide whether it is really necessary. In case you can avoid felling the tree, it is indeed better to just let it be. Here are a few questions that one should ask before opting for a tree removal:

  1. Is the tree damaging your property?

Damage to property is one of the most common concerns that cause homeowners to get rid of trees on their estate. Check if the tree is causing any damage to your property or if it might in the near future. In case it’s just a few low-lying branches that pose a risk to your roof you could instead get them trimmed. However, if the tree has developed a large root system that is likely to damage your underground water system, you would have to arrange for a tree removal.

  1. Is the tree resulting in disputes with your neighbors?

The tree may need to be removed if it is causing problems for your neighbors. For instance, if the tree has grown at the edge of your property and a major portion of the branches hang over your neighbor’s home, they might complain about it. In this case too, you should first consider trimming the branches that are causing issues. However, if this isn’t enough, tree removal would be necessary.

  1. Is the tree at the risk of falling?

One of the major reasons why homeowners remove trees from their property is the risk of a tree falling and causing a major hazard to life and property. Indeed, a tree crashing down on your home is the last thing you need. It would be much safer to take remove the tree as a preventive measure. Of course, you do not need to remove a tree that is strong enough and at a safe distance from your home. Look out especially for tall and thin trees that would be prone to uprooting in case of a storm.

  1. Is the tree in a poor state?

Trees are especially hazardous when they become weakened as a result of old age or infections. Dead branches falling off a tree can injure or kill a person. A tree with a damaged trunk or rotting roots would be even more dangerous, as it can collapse altogether at any point of time. Look out for signs like root defects cracks and large wounds on the trunk.

  1. Does a professional recommend removing the tree?

In case you suspect that a tree on your property requires removal, double-check with a professional to be sure. Since you would have to rope in a tree removal company anyway, all you have to do is ask for their advice. Professional arborists can evaluate the plant carefully and let you know if there are any viable alternatives.

Can you remove a tree yourself?

If you have the necessary tools and knowhow to cut down a tree, for sure you can. However, it is highly advisable to hire professional tree removal services. Tree removal is a risky job, due to the associated hazards. Experienced professionals would know the right way to carry out the task in the safest way possible. Moreover, they would likely have better equipment and can take care of the tree removal more efficiently.

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