Teacher Demonstrations – What to Look for When Observing a Class

There are many factors to consider when choosing a school for your kids. Is it in a good location? What is the curriculum? Is it expensive? These are all factors we must think about as parents when picking a school. In some international schools, they make your choice easier by offering teacher demonstrations. This way you get to see the teacher in action in a real classroom environment. But what do you look for when assessing their performance?

Effective Lesson Plans

There is no point in being impressed by an international school curriculum in Bangkok if the teachers cannot effectively deliver the content. A good teacher will never go into a class unprepared. They will also have their lessons well planned and if something goes wrong, their contingency plan will have them covered. When observing a teacher in action, look to see if they are well-prepared and deliver an effective lesson.

Punctual & Organised

Great teachers will arrive on time and be well-organised. They are always in the classroom early and have everything they need to deliver an effective lesson. If the teacher arrives late to a demonstration class that the parents of prospective students are observing it does not look good for the school. They should be on time, organised, and ready to deliver a clear and structured lesson.

Engaging Personality

Many teachers have education degrees yet do not know how to impart knowledge to their students. Being a great teacher is not just about having the right certificates, it is much more than that. They should enjoy teaching and make the environment as productive as possible for their students. You should notice the bond they have with their students and how well they interact with different members of the class.

High Expectations of Their Class

Standout teachers are not there to collect their wages at the end of the month and forget about their students. They expect all students can and will achieve excellent results in their classroom. In particular, they focus on underachievers and find ways to boost their confidence and help them achieve their goals.

Although there are a lot of things to look for when assessing a teacher in action, the points mentioned above are some of the most important. Before you arrive at a teachers demonstration class, jot down a few characteristics of what makes an outstanding teacher and see how many you have ticked after the class.

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