The Basketball Court Floor Performance Features

An indoor sports flooring should offer two main things: durability and performance. The reason, safety aspect of the flooring is dependent on how it performs. The value for money aspect is determined by how long the surface lasts.

In schools and sports centers, safety and longevity are important factors. The bottom line, you’ll need sports flooring that’s fit for the task at hand.

Well, there are countless benefits of using hardwood soft floorings. Even better, you can find basketball floors here.

Let’s take a look at the key hardwood basketball court floor performance features.

  1. The Area Deflection

Area deflection measures how the energy is dispersed throughout the hardwood flooring. Thus, it shows the floor’s ability to contain the area under the player’s impact.

Unlike other flooring options, hardwood floorings area deflection can be customized to fit the preference of coaches and players.

  1. The Surface Friction

Surface friction tends to affect the performance of the players and athletes. Therefore, it needs to be perfect.

And yes, without any friction, the players will skid all over the court, lose control and injure themselves. On the contrary, having excessive friction on the sports flooring impedes the player’s movement affecting how they play. Having the right balance of surface friction is important for sports like basketball.

Among the many factors that influence surface friction is the finishing on the floor. Therefore, ensure that your flooring meets the set friction standards.

  1. The Maintenance Frequency

You may install the best basketball court flooring available. However, without the necessary maintenance activities and repairs, all this will be in vain.

The good thing, maintaining hardwood flooring is not that hard. All you need is to sweep the floor daily and take care of it following the manufacturer’s specifications. Further, maintain stable relative humidity levels and never turn off the AC for prolonged periods. Also, keep off any water from the surface and don’t hesitate to remove any liquid spills on the floor.

  1. The Shock Absorption Levels

It is a major contributor to the performance of players. It also affects the safety and success of players on the court. Yes, hardwood is among the most durable materials you can use as sports flooring. Even better, it offers the best shock absorption level making it an ideal choice for basketball courts and other sports like racquetball, handball, and volleyball.

However, it is worth noting that better shock absorption levels don’t contribute to injury prevention. However, some studies show more shock absorption translates to less fatigue for the players. The reason, lower-extremity joints are under less stress making it less taxing on the athlete’s body.

Further, to ensure consistent shock absorption, choose the right type of material for the particular sport and have a quality subfloor installed.


Are you looking for a new basketball court flooring? Maybe you are wondering whether hardwood flooring will meet your safety and performance needs? The truth is, hardwood sports flooring is your best bet. Be sure to contact a professional for installation.

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