The Electronic Three Reel Single Line Slot Machine

A slot machine is essentially an electro-mechanical device. It shows the basic external components of a slot machine. First we have the slot machine cabinet which comes in various styles and sizes, from tall upright machines to low narrow body machines. The top part of the cabinet is named the top box . This is where the Pay Table Glass  is located and winning combinations are displayed. A bright light illuminates the Pay Table. Below the top box and covering the front of the machine we have the slot door which protects the inside of the machine. The lock is well secure so it will not easily be opened. There are two other illuminated display glasses, the reel glass and the so-called belly glass.

The reel glass covers the reels of the machine, indicating a single line or multiple lines where the reel symbols have to line up to make a winning combination. The belly glass is a decorative display glass which advertises the type of game being played. Located between the reel glass and the belly glass is a button panel where the buttons are situated as well as the coin insert mouth. Most machines have a bet one button, a max button, a spin button and a coin attendant button. The size of the coin insert mouth varies according to the size of the coins played. A bill acceptor is situated next to or above the belly glass, enabling one to insert bills instead of coins. Also, a play card insert is located for the player to keep a running count of the number of cycles played on that machine. The coin tray is located below the belly glass. To the right of the slot machine, สล็อตเว็บตรง find the handle which operates the same spin button found between the reel glass and the belly glass. The handle is there for cosmetic reasons only and does not influence the outcome of the game in any way. On top of the cabinet, we have the tower light. This light has two shades of color. One is for the jackpot and the other is for malfunctions which requires the assistance of a floor attendant. The colors also describe the type of coin denomination being played.

Operation สล็อตเว็บตรง To understand the basic operation of modern slot machines we will be using block diagrams throughout this section. A picture is worth a thousand words and hopefully this method will greatly simplify our task without going to detail technical descriptions. Upon opening the door of a slot machine, we find a neat arrangement of electronic and mechanical components. Modern three reel-type slot machines evolved from mechanical type machines wherein mechanical clutches were relied on to stop spinning display reels at random locations to display a game result to today’s machine where a microprocessor randomly selects a game result. If we remember that by generating a greater number of random numbers than the number of available sets of different symbol combinations, and by varying the sizes of the subsets of random numbers which correspond to each different set of game symbols then the probability of a particular game result can be predetermined for the machine.

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