The Future’s At The Door – Meet the Smart Homes

Everybody has dreamed, at least once, about getting rid of home chores for good. Also, it’s terrible to rush back home on the way to work just to double-check whether the coffee machine is off. Such things can soon become something of history books. Smart homes are already here, and although not widespread, it promises some amazing features. Check them out!

Smart Pillars

In a smart home, almost everything can be done remotely. Turning the lights on and off, controlling the temperature, and even checking if the kids are behaving. This description, which could fit well in a Jetsons’ cartoon, is made possible by cutting-edge technologies.

In fact, the Swedish research company, Berg Insight, forecasts an even brighter future. There’ll be self-adjusted alarm clocks, according to your schedule. Also, there’ll be health sensors to detect when one’s about to get a cold and automatically order the appropriate medicine.

First of all, none of it would be possible without a fast and reliable internet connection. Yes, the same internet you use to spin the roulette wheel at, watch a movie on Netflix or stream your fave band’s music on Spotify. The development of 5G, AI, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are also cornerstones of any smart home.


However, according to the same Berg research, which came out in 2019, 63 million American homes would fit into the “smart” description. The upward trend is confirmed by the platform Statista, which points out that this market can reach USD 53.45 billion this year. Numbers don’t lie: the future is already at the door.

Home Network

Every smart home starts with a home network. With internet routers around the house, it’s possible to keep everything connected to a single network operated by you. The IoT plays a big part here since it’s essential for an effective automated service.

Remote Access

Remote access means much more than turning the lights on without leaving the couch. Remote access allows you to keep an eye on your home via video surveillance. It’s also possible to lock the doors while you’re away, but you can let the plumber in for a repair while you’re at work.


In case of a break-in, fire, or another disaster, your system automatically calls the authorities. Even the surveillance system can work without you if it detects suspicious movements around the house.

Automated Control

Once again, the IoT is essential. In a fully connected house, you can close the curtains, turn on the air conditioner, and water the plants. You’re not the one doing so, as sensors spread around the house can check luminosity, temperature, and humidity.

Music Everywhere

Spread music around your house. With loudspeakers in every room, you can choose the best music for the moment, even a club party, if you also play with lightning setups.

In Through the Front Door


The market for smart homes is growing fast, propelled by better and cheaper technology. Once the concept takes flight, it’ll be possible to talk about smart neighbourhoods and even smart cities. Such technology can significantly reduce waste and improve everyone’s quality of life quality.


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