Tips to score big in fantasy cricket

Player data is the most important resource for any fantasy cricket manager. This data can be used to make informed decisions about which players to pick for your team, and how to best use them during the course of a match.

There are a number of ways to gather player data. The most reliable source is usually the player’s own website or social media account. Here you can find information about their recent form, what kind of shots they’re playing well, and any injuries or niggles they may have.

Another good source of player data is statistical websites like Cricinfo or Cricket Australia. These sites provide detailed information about a player’s past performances, including their batting and bowling averages, strike rates, and economy rates. This data can be very useful in predicting how a player might perform in future matches.

How to make use of player form.

The player form is one of the most important factors to consider when picking a fantasy cricket team. Form refers to how well a player has been performing in recent matches. A player who is in good form is more likely to score runs or take wickets than one who is out of form.

One way to assess form is by looking at a player’s scores in recent matches. If they’ve been consistently scoring runs or taking wickets, then they’re probably in good form. Another way to assess form is by looking at strike rates and economy rates. A high strike rate indicates that a batsman is scoring runs quickly, while a low economy rate indicates that a bowler is not conceding many runs.

How to read the game situation.

Reading the game situation correctly is an important skill for any Fantasy Cricket App. This involves understanding how the match is unfolding and using this information to make decisions about which players to pick and when to use them.

For example, if two batsmen are set and batting well, it might be worth picking both of them for your team even if they’re not among the top run-scorers in the league. However, if one of those batsmen gets out cheaply, it might be worth bringing in a replacement who has been scoring runs consistently throughout the tournament.

Similarly, if a bowler is bowling well and taking wickets, it might be worth picking him even if he’s not among the leading wicket-takers in the league. However, if the game situation changes and the batsmen start scoring runs quickly off him, it might be worth bringing on another bowler who can contain the batsmen better.


Fantasy cricket is a great way to score big and have fun while doing it. With the right team and a little bit of knowledge, anyone can be a fantasy cricket champion. Keep these tips in mind and go out there and score some big points!

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