What is the latest trend in wood flooring?

Hardwood flooring is by far the most preferred choice when it comes to wooden flooring options. Even though the market is inundated with imitation products that try to mimic the look and feel of hardwood, most of the homeowners prefer the real hardwood. Its charm is unmatched, and its durability and style make it the most sought-after flooring.

Hardwood adds a very warm and comfortable feeling to the home. With the change is trends and style you can refinish your flooring to keep up with them. With your flooring, you can set the theme of your décor and the palette. As all wood floorings are not the same, it is good to be updated with the last trends in this arena. This will enable you to make the right selection when you are installing or refinishing your flooring.

What is trending?

The latest trends in wood flooring combine the contemporary and traditional styles. Some of hottest trends are:

  1. Comeback of wood with natural finish: Many homeowners are going back to the traditional hardwood without any trendy colors or effects, just the ‘good old’ hardwood.
  2. Wider planks: Wider planks help create a distinct look and create a vibrant ambience. Wide planks make a room appear larger. For modern homes, they create contemporary feel and a rustic and authentic look for traditional homes.
  3. White oak floor: White oak has made it big among the latest trends. Oak is durable and affordable. The white oak has smooth grains and thus give a more modern aesthetic appeal.
  4. Whiter and brighter floors: The color trend is moving towards light-colored floors like weathered and whitewashed looks.
  5. Gray is there to stay: gray flooring has been trending for almost a decade now and continues to top the charts. It looks cool and contemporary. Any type of furniture looks perfect against the neutral backdrop created by gray hardwood flooring.
  6. Hand scraped hardwood: Hardwood with long scrapes in the finish is a preferred style. Each plank is intended to have a unique pattern. The unique pattern on each plank and the details make it look very luxurious and expensive.
  7. Onsite finishing: Onsite finishing of hardwood post the installation has become a preferred method by homeowners. This gives the homeowners an ability to create custom finishes that blend with the aesthetics and architecture of the home. However, the custom finishing comes at a high price.
  8. Unique patterns: Diagonal or herringbone patterns are gaining popularity. These patterns create a sophisticated and unique look.
  9. Flooring materials: Reclaimed wood and bamboo are trending materials. Both are sustainable options and create a unique look.

Selecting the most suitable flooring option

With so many flooring options available in the market, one is bound to get overwhelmed and confused. The above trends will help you stay abreast of what most of the other homeowners are preferring and will lay down all the options in front of you. Knowing all the available options will equip you to do a proper comparison. You must factor in the advantages, disadvantages, and maintenance requirements of each option. Then choose a hardwood flooring which meets your expectations in terms of functionality and budget. They key to making the right choice, is spending time on research and study of the various options. Hiring a professional who specializes in hardwood flooring installation will make the comparison and decision making slightly easier for you. You can also seek quotes from the contractors upfront, so that you can get an estimate of overall expenses. They will be able to recommend good options based on the aesthetic and décor of your home and your personal preference.

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