What is the Purpose of Government Grants Management Software?

Non-profits rely on grants. Additional funds allow non-profits to provide for people in the community. Therefore, the method whereby non-profits obtain their grants is an important part of the process. In addition to government grants, non-profits will apply for grants from corporations, foundations, and individuals who want to partner with a non-profit.

The process is time-consuming. There is a lot of paperwork involved in grant applications, and for the entities that offer grants, it’s vital to ensure they give grants to the right non-profits. They want to give grants to organisations that will use the money to serve well. Government Grants Management Software from Omnistar can streamline the process. 

What Is Government Grants Management Software?

GGMS is an organisation tool to help organisations manage the grant process. Whether you manage the local council’s grant scheme for environmental causes or you’re the CEO of a corporation that wants to hand out medical research grants, the process can be complicated. 

Its entire purpose is to simplify the process, so you should select software that offers ease of use. There are different features available as standard, and many offer add-ons so that you can design the software package that meets your needs. 

If you grant money, you can use the software to keep track of the applications you have received and the award you have given and maintain administrative records. If you are seeking grants, you can use the software to record what grants you have applied for, the awards you have received, and how the funds from each were spent. 

If you are a grant seeker, you want to show that your organisation will do its best with the award on offer. It isn’t a blanket source of funding, the entity that awards the grant will want to see it used in a certain way, and the software provides a simple way to track all the relevant information related to each of the grants you have applied for. 

For smaller organisations, there is no need to spend huge to get software that offers all the bells and whistles. A basic package that you can scale with your organisation is ideal. 

Who Benefits?

All parties involved in applying for, receiving, and granting awards benefit from this software. For the granters, the simplified process and ease of use make the review stage much simpler. For grant seekers, grant management software can help non-profits put a professional foot forward. With the software in place, you can submit slick applications, complete with graphs and additional information to help you stand out from the crowd. It also expedites the process of completing the form, which means the team has more time to apply for additional grants to raise more funds for the organisation. 

It doesn’t matter how big an operation you have; grant management software is suitable for organisations of all sizes. Even if you only work on a handful of grant applications annually, grant management software is a smart move. Luckily, grant management software seamlessly integrates with existing donor management and customer relationship management software.

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