Why You Should Move to Portland RIGHT NOW

Portland, Oregon is becoming a popular destination for those looking to relocate. If you are considering a move, there are several reasons that Portland should be at the top of your list. Given that so many other people are making the move to the Pacific Northwest, as specifically to Portland, it is clear that this city has something great about it that is attracting people.

If you want to discover why you need to move to Portland RIGHT NOW, consider the following:

Art Scene

If you love art and want to be surrounded by it in your city, you need to make the move to Portland ASAP. Portland is becoming well-known for its art scene, and its no surprise why, given the city is home to the Oregon College of Art.

Take a trip to the Museum of Contemporary Craft or visit the Alberta Arts District to see some breath-taking murals. If you are an artist, you need to move to Portland right now, and luckily, there are plenty of Portland houses for sale.

Drink Scene

If you love craft brews, Portland is the city for you. Portland is well-known for its craft beer scene and many craft breweries. There is a brewery for everyone in Portland, with each brewery offering something different and a wide-variety of palate-pleasing beers.

If you like something harder than beer, Portland is also becoming known for its liquors. A quick trip to Distillery Row neighborhood, east of the Willamette River, will offer you everything from vodka to gin and more. Many of the distilleries also offer tours for those who like to learn about the origins of what they are tasting.

For those who like a non-alcoholic drink, Portland also has some great coffee. Some Portland coffee roasters are known nation-wide, including Stumptown, Extracto Coffee, and Coffeehouse Northwest. If you make the move to Portland, you can gets these amazing coffee brews directly from the roasting source.

Food Scene

After having a drink or two, you will definitely need something to fill your stomach, and Portland has a variety of outstanding food options. The city is known for its food trucks and carts that offer a multitude of cuisine options for those looking for a quick bite.

If you prefer to sit down in a restaurant, Portland has you covered there, too. From hearty and wholesome at Laurelhurst Market to fine-dining at Le Pigeon, Portland has a restaurant for every discerning foodie. To wrap up your day of drinking and eating, grab dessert at Voodoo Donuts or Crave Bake Shop. If you want all of your culinary needs to be met, you must move to Portland right now.

Obviously Portland is well-known for many things, given that so many people are flocking to the area to live. Among those things are the thriving art, beer, liquor, coffee, and food scenes. All of these things will make for a very exciting and comfortable life, so get a move on and get to Portland RIGHT NOW.

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