With Walmart Best Plans I Can Talk To My Mom Daily

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This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #collectivebias #Thankful4Savings

Walmart Best Plans #Thankful4Savings #ad

Are you ready for Thanksgiving to finally roll around? I know I am. I’m excited because this will be my first time hosting Thanksgiving. Beyond being excited I’m also extremely overwhelmed. If you’ve kept along with my blog you’d know my mom was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer a few months ago. So, hint, hint, that’s why I’ll be cooking. I’ve never prepared a meal for more than four people so I’m glad that with Walmart best plans I can talk to my mom daily.

As you know, I’m a Walmart Family Mobile Ambassador and things are still going great. Me and my Samsung Galaxy S4 have become best friends. We’re inseparable :). I’m always on it, and keep it by my side in case my mom calls.

Besides talking to my mother to plan my Thanksgiving menu. I also call daily to check on her and make sure she’s doing alright. She gets chemotherapy treatments every week and afterwards she’s extremely tired for days. It’s funny, and sad because before my mother was diagnosed with cancer we talked a minimum of maybe two to three times a week. Now its multiple times a day.

I’ve always been curious about my mom and her life (she’s very private), and now she’s opened up and we talk like we’re best friends. I’m #Thankful4Savings I receive with the lowest priced unlimited plans at Walmart, because I’m able to talk to her any time of the day, as long as I want, text, send funny videos, and check out the pins she sends on Pinterest,without going over my minutes, or data plan.

pinterest-vc-ericka-savesTalking to my mom daily has been quite the experience. We talk about our dreams, we talk about my blog, we talk about the future, we talk about the past, we talk about what we’re doing today, tomorrow, the weekend, we talk Black Friday sales. We talk about what’s on TV, we talk about Black-ish, and Scandal, Modern Family, Dancing With The Stars, How To Get Away With Murder, and movies that came out in theaters. We talk about statuses people posted on FB (mostly my brothers), we talk about politics, and issues going on in the world. We talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, everyday, and everything is unlimited for the permanent price of $34.88 per month.

Speaking of phone plans, You can get the ZTE Zinger at Walmart for $39.88, they also have some great phones on rollback this Holiday season, starting 11/16/14.

  • ZTE ZMAX-$179.88 (was $199.88)
  • Alcatel Evolve 2- $49.88 (was $59.88)
  • Samsung Exhibit- $79.88 (was $99.88)
  • Nokia Lumia 635- $99.88 (was $129.88)
  • Launch of the new Samsung Galaxy Avant- $199.88


Oh also two weeks ago I visited Florida, and I stayed at a resort right by the Atlantic Ocean (I could literally walk out of my room right to the water). I was nervous about going on the trip because I didn’t know how the reception would be in the area. I wanted to make sure I’d have service just in case my mom called with an emergency (I know, what could I do from FL, but you know how it is, you like to stay informed). Anyway, my service was amazing. I travelled all around the space coast and didn’t have a problem. I was able to talk to my mom daily (just to check on her, and tell her what I was up to). I was relieved that Walmart Family Mobile was reliable and works all across the United States.  They only thing that sucked was moving an hour ahead :).  Here is a picture of me taking a selfie with my Samsung Galaxy S4 on the beach (about 1 hour after getting there).

Chilling on the beach #tuckawayshores #erickatravels

A photo posted by Ericka Chatman (@erickachatman) on

Now, I’m back in freezing Kansas City on Pinterest from my phone everyday planning, and organizing my big “First Thanksgiving.” I’m making everything except my moms famous lemon cake (she said she’ll make it). I asked her if she wanted me to do it, but she’s going to because it’s her specialty.

I’ll be sure to take a bunch of pictures to share with you, and take plenty of selfies and (usies).

Have you tried Walmart Family Mobile? Are You #Thankful4Savings you get each month on your WFM phone bill? Let me know :)

Disney Presents Cinderella

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Cinderella Is in Theaters March 13, 2015 Cinderella is coming out March 13, 2015, and I can’t wait. I remember reading the fairy tale over and over again as a child, watching a cartoon version, and even seeing a play, but I can’t wait to see it on the big screen! [Continue reading…]

Ottilie and LuLu Natural Skin Care For Tweens

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michelle-zz-signThis post is Sponsored by Ottilie and LuLu, all opinions and statements are 100% my own. BTW: My nieces absolutely love the products. 

My nieces are best friends. They do everything together and always have each others back (for the most part).

While their personalities are different, (Michelle loves music, and singing, and Z.Z. loves nature, animals, and learning) one thing remains, whatever one does or gets, the other wants the same.

Michelle is now a tween and her sister Z.Z. is right behind her (in a year or two). Michelle’s body is starting to experience the changes that young girls go through when they become tweens, stinky armpits, little threads of hair under her arms, her first training bra, and a growth spurt. (Mind you, when we got Michelle a training bra Z.Z., of course, wanted one too, and I mean that child wears it around like she really has something to show under it.)

Michelle’s face is also starting to change, I’m no expert in skin care, but it seems like her skin has become more oily than usual. That’s why when I found out about Ottilie and Lulu Natural Skin Care For Tweens I got excited.

Now, I’m the type of aunt that loves to spoil my nieces. I like to take them out on the town, out to eat, allow them to try new things, and buy them all types of products (now, it’s all about the tinted lip gloss, and getting into my makeup box).

Ottilie and LuLu products were a new thing indeed, and when the girls opened the package, they jumped up and down with joy because they had something “new” to try. Ottilie and LuLu skin care products are designed with tweens in mind and are specially formulated just for tween skin. Tween skin is delicate, unique and in a state of constant change.

As adults we know that having a daily skin care regime is essential to keeping our skin clear and healthy. So why not allow our tweens to have the same option?  [Continue reading…]

Fashion Friday: 8 Sweaters Under $30

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8-pullover-sweaters-under-30-dollarsLets face it. Winter is moving in full-force, and what better attire to lounge around the house, or throw on for a quick movie date, than a cute sweater? These cute pullover sweaters are under $30 each, and are sure to make a statement.

Lol, I’ve just really got into the whole wearing pullover sweaters thing, and I’m loving it. I can pair them with yoga pants, pajama pants, leggings, and jeans. I really like this collection because I hardly ever wear clothing with words on them, but these sweaters are too cute. [Continue reading…]

2014 Veterans Day Freebies and Deals

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Happy Veterans Day! Thank you for your service to those who have served this amazing country. Here is a list of 2014 Veterans Day Freebies and Deals that Surviving the Stores graciously helped put together.

I served in the Army for 6 years, and afterwards 2 years inactive ready reserves. I learned a lot during my time in the military. I learned how to be a leader, I learned how to put others before myself, and so much more. I was able to travel the world, and meet amazing people. I’ve built unbreakable friendships, and I know somewhere in the world, no matter what state I visit, I have a battle buddy that has my back.

The picture above is me, July 4th, 2008. I was on a helicopter recon during my deployment.

Freebies & Online Deals:

Free Admission to Several National Parks on 11/11
Free Car Washes for Veterans on 11/11
Free Massages For Veterans at Massage Envy 11/11
Free Admission to 1 of Several Annheiser Busch Parks for Military (Sea World, Busch Gardens, and more)
Read the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence Free Online

Restaurant Deals & Freebies:

Applebees – Free Entree for Veterans and Active Duty Military Valid 11/11 (exp: 11/11/2014)
Bakers Square – FREE Breakfast for Veterans or Active Military Valid 11/11
Bob Evans – FREE All You Can Eat Pancakes for Veterans and Active Military Valid 11/11
Cafe Express – FREE Dessert (exp: 11/30/2014)
California Pizza Kitchen – FREE Entree for Veterans & Active Military Valid 11/11
Carlos O’kelly’s – Free Sopapilla Dessert + Free Entree Coupon for Next Visit for Veterans & Active Military Valid 11/11
Carrabba’s – FREE Appetizer for Veterans & Active Military (exp: 11/11/2014)
Champps Americana – FREE Cheeseburger for Veterans & Active Military Valid 11/11
Corner Bakery – FREE Short Stack of Pancakes with Reservation at Your Location Valid 11/10 – 11/14
Dennys – FREE Build Your Own Grand Slam for Veterans & Active Military Valid 11/11 from 5AM – Noon
Fox and Hound – FREE Cheeseburger & Fries for Veterans & Active Military Valid 11/11
Friendly’s – FREE Big-Two-Do Breakfast & Coffee or Classic Burger Meal for Veterans & Active Military Valid 11/11
Golden Corral – Free Dinner for Veterans and Active Duty Military Valid 11/17 from 5 – 9pm (exp: 11/17/2014)
Krispy Kreme – FREE Doughnut & Small Coffee for Veterans & Active Military Valid 11/11
Menchies – FREE Frozen Yogurt for Veterans & Active Military Valid 11/11
On The Border – FREE Create Your Own Combo Meal for Veterans Valid 11/11
Shoney’s – FREE All-American Burger & Fries for Veterans & Military Valid 11/11
Sizzler – FREE Lunch & Drink for Veterans & Active Military Valid 11/11 Until 4PM
Texas de Brazil – 50% Off Regular Dinner Price Valid on 11/11 [Continue reading…]

ALL New #ScarySavings High Value Coupon!

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This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #CollectiveBias #ScarySavings Halloween is a few days away, don’t miss your last chance to get this special Halloween coupon for $2.00 off (1) 6pk. 8oz cans or (2) 2L of participating soda and (2) bags of Mars® candy. […]

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I’m Falling for the Lowest Priced Unlimited Plans

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This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #CollectiveBias #Fall4Phones Remember in May when I graduated, I told you how I was able to get the  lowest priced unlimited plans with Walmart Family Mobile? Well, guess what??? I’m now a Walmart Family Mobile Ambassador, and I’m Falling for the Lowest […]

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SEA Life and Legoland Flash Sale $15 Bundle (TODAY ONLY 10/14/14)

Sea life and Legoland Kansas City $15 Flash Sale
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  Today Only (10/14/14) Sea Life and Legoland Kansas City is having a flash sale! $15 for bundle tickets to see both attractions. Click here for tickets SEA LIFE Aquarium Kansas City has more than 5,000 sea creatures, including the experience of coming nose to nose with sharks and other sea animals. You’re able to experience holding […]

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Money Saving: Don’t Waste Anything

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Our first “Money Saving Series” discussion is about “food waste”. I’ll admit that I waste a lot of food for no reason. I’ll let fresh fruits and veggies go bad before eating them. Sometimes I’ll let fresh meat sit in the refrigerator so long (in hopes of cooking it) that it goes bad and I […]

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Change Is Coming…

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Right now in the US young adults are weighed down with student debt. People are in deep financial distress, filing bankruptcy, killing themselves, killing their families…over MONEY! I can no longer sit back and watch my friends depressed about finances. I can’t read emails sent in by readers complaining that they are trying everything they can but […]

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