I’m Falling for the Lowest Priced Unlimited Plans

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This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #CollectiveBias #Fall4Phones


Remember in May when I graduated, I told you how I was able to get the  lowest priced unlimited plans with Walmart Family Mobile?

Well, guess what???

I’m now a Walmart Family Mobile Ambassador, and I’m Falling for the Lowest Priced Unlimited Plans :) !…I’m really excited about being an ambassador because I like the phone plans, and I truly love sharing ways to help you save money. I received Walmart Family Mobile service along with a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4 phone to try out as part of the ambassadorship.

Now,  back in May I had anxiety from job searching and I was trying to cut cost any way possible. My phone bill was one of the first places I started. With Walmart family mobile I’m able to get  Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data/Web for $34.88 a month paired with a smartphone for under $100. *First line only, price applies for life of the account on the plan*. Doing this alone put an extra $65 back into my pocket.

Now tell me where else can you find a plan like that (and that also has great service)?

I finally found a job, and I’m doing what I want to do and actually using my degree, but the pay isn’t exactly what I want to make in the long run. So I have to keep up my saving tactics. I don’t mind cutting cost, because in the long run these money saving tactics will pay off.

It has been fun finding ways to cut cost and have fun, and this Fall has been quite interesting. Plus, with my new Samsung Galaxy S4 phone I’ve been able to document some of the moments. [Continue reading...]

SEA Life and Legoland Flash Sale $15 Bundle (TODAY ONLY 10/14/14)

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Sea life and Legoland Kansas City $15  Flash Sale


Today Only (10/14/14) Sea Life and Legoland Kansas City is having a flash sale! $15 for bundle tickets to see both attractions.

Click here for tickets

SEA LIFE Aquarium Kansas City has more than 5,000 sea creatures, including the experience of coming nose to nose with sharks and other sea animals. You’re able to experience holding a crab or touching a starfish in the “Touchpool Experience,” and there are fun talks and feed shows throughout the day. For example right now weekends during the month of October you can watch underwater pumpkin carving at 1 pm.

Legoland Kansas City, has over 3 million LEGO bricks in the attraction. There are rides (which are fun, I rode a few), a jungle gym, a 4D cinema, educational workshops, and more.

Get your $15 combination tickets here.

Money Saving: Don’t Waste Anything

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Homemade Chicken and Veggie Soup

Our first “Money Saving Series” discussion is about “food waste”. I’ll admit that I waste a lot of food for no reason.

I’ll let fresh fruits and veggies go bad before eating them. Sometimes I’ll let fresh meat sit in the refrigerator so long (in hopes of cooking it) that it goes bad and I have no choice but to throw it out. I’ve let leftovers turn into mush, so bad that I had to throw out the container. Matter-of-fact I hate leftovers, but I’m slowly adjusting to eating them, and I’m learning to create new meals with them.

Now how does “Don’t Waste Anything” tie into saving money?

Well, the word ‘waste’ is defined as: use or expend carelessly, extravagantly, or to no purpose. Think about everything you’ve wasted money on…I’ve definitely wasted money on useless things that I don’t need, I’ve spent money carelessly, and some money I’ve wasted was spent with no intentional purpose of spending, but mostly I’ve wasted money on food.

According to US News Money, Americans throw away between $1,365 to $2,275 annually in food waste. I mean, we are literally throwing money out on the curb. I got sick to my stomach when I read the statistics. I could have used that money to pay bills or save. [Continue reading...]

Change Is Coming…

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11913283_sRight now in the US young adults are weighed down with student debt. People are in deep financial distress, filing bankruptcy, killing themselves, killing their families…over MONEY!

I can no longer sit back and watch my friends depressed about finances. I can’t read emails sent in by readers complaining that they are trying everything they can but can’t afford to pay their bills. I can’t sit back and witness this without trying to do something about it.

I just can’t do it. It’s time for a change…

When I first started “Ericka Saves” I wanted to help my friends save money by posting deals that I found by couponing. After that, I started posting things that you can get free, (example, free coffee, free samples, free doughnuts) but how the hell are those things going to help you out in life if you’re trying to figure out how you’re going to pay your light bill?

Couponing can help you save, but there are other ways to tremendously lower cost and help you save more money. If you aren’t able to save anything, you’ll at least be able to pay the bills that you have, and have peace-of-mind. [Continue reading...]

My $36 Organic Produce Shopping Trip

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Fresh Organic Produce

I shared with you all on Facebook that my mom was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer and started chemotherapy last week. She went ahead and got genetic testing done and we are waiting for results to see if the cancer was caused by genetics, or the environment. I’m in the process of getting genetic testing done, I’m still waiting for the VA to send my appointment in the mail.

In the meantime, I’m switching over to adding more organic produce to my moms diet, and mine. So far she’s been adding asparagus, lemongrass, and leafy greens to her diet daily. She usually mixes up everything in a blender and drinks it as a smoothie, and eats veggie rich soups and salads.

I know that it’s time to really get my life together because my health could be in jeopardy. This morning I decided to cut dairy products from my diet (most dairy, I might have cheese once in awhile), only eat homemade bread, and incorporate organic vegetables into my diet. [Continue reading...]

Ruby Tuesday Gift Card Giveaway and BOGO 50% Off Coupon

Ruby Tuesday Gift Card Giveaway and BOGO 50% Off Coupon
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This post was sponsored by Ruby Tuesday, all opinions are 100% my own Ruby Tuesday has a revamped menu and is sharing it with the world! Who’s excited? I am! Right now you can take advantage of this New BOGO 50% OFF Coupon that’s available to print until September 19th (you have until September 24th […]

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Get paid to make healthy choices?

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This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone #CollectiveBias. Ok, I know you read the title and thought…um heck yeah I want to get paid to make healthy choices. Well, today I’ll show you how. Last month I showed you how to take advantage of paperless coupons by […]

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DIY Lavender and Lemongrass Whipped Body Butter and Shea Butter Giveaway

Shea Butter
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This past year I’ve been trying to use more natural products on my skin and hair. Last year when I big chopped shea butter became a staple in my household. Finding a good quality brand of shea butter was a challenge until I discovered “Beauty By Shea” Raw Shea Butter. I’ve been using it to […]

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All New School Supply List Coupons

All New School Supply List Coupons
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I still can’t believe that it’s back-to-school time…Summer flew by so fast. My nieces and nephew, have already started school. This year Z.Z. and Leonardo started 3rd grade, while Michelle started her last year of elementary school…5th grade. I still can’t believe how big they are getting, it seemed like only yesterday they were babies […]

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#JBFKC Just Between Friends Huge Savings Events in Kansas City

#JBFKC Just Between Friends Huge Savings Events in Kansas City #sp
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Just Between Friends is having a HUGE SAVINGS EVENT right here in Kansas City! If you’re planning on having a baby, have children, or you’re pregnant, you don’t want to miss this sale!! JBF events usually happen two or more times a year per location with events all across the country. Hundreds of families contribute gently used, […]

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